Ivan Santivanez

The talented peruvian player Ivan Santivanez started the cooperation with TT-SCOUTING in 2014.

At the moment he is practising in the German club ESV Weil am Rhein e.V. and plays for the French TOP club T.T. Saint Louis. Apart of table tennis he is studying in a language school to prepare his level of German to enter into the university of Freiburg in 2016.

In the first part of the season for his club T.T. Saint Louis (www.ludoping.net) Ivan played a very good score of 14:3 - 14 matches won, 3 lost - in the league Prenacional 1. Also in tournaments he reached very good results as the 3. place in the international TT-NEWS Open 2015 in the category Juniors U22.


Santivanez Portocarrero

First name:

Ivan Felipe

Birth date:

27 September 1995







Characteristic of the player:

  • offensive player
  • right-hander, shakehand
  • good forehand top spin with lots of spin
  • safe backhand block

used racket:

  • blade: Butterfly Timo Boll ALC OFF
  • rubbers: Mizuno GT45, Mizuno GT48

TOP results:

  • several times regional champion of Junin (Peru)
  • 2. place in juniors of Copa Santa Maria 2014 in Lima (Peru)
  • 3. place in juniors of TT-NEWS Open 2015 in Oberboihingen (Germany)
  • 2. place in teams of Open San Agustin 2015 in Chiclayo (Peru)