Bryan Blas

Bryan is actual national player of Peru, leader of the national team and the number one of his country. Due to his first stay in Germany he already speaks German almost perfect. With his experience in playing in top leagues for several years, he will be a big help for all the latin american talents who want to improve their talent in Europe.

In the season 2015/16 he is playing for the German Oberliga-club RSV Klein-Winternheim as no. 2 of his team.

In the first part of the season Bryan started with an injury in his right arm, so he was not able to play 100% of his level. After he recovered he played very good matches and finished the first part of the season with a score of 14:8 (14 matches won, 8 matches lost).


Blas Arevalo

First name:

Andree Bryan

Birth date:

23 May 1989







Characteristic of the player:

  • offensive player
  • right-hander, shakehand
  • good service
  • offensive player with good backhand

used racket:

  • JOOLA Maxxx

TOP results:

  •  many times National Champion of Peru
  •  5x player of the year in Peru
  •  qualified to the Panamerican Games 2015 in Toronto (Canada)
  •  3. place in Bolivarian Games 2013 in teams and doubles
  • many times bronce medalist in Latinamerican Championships
  • ITTF ranking no. 476

Watch the video of Bryan in his multiball training session in Dusseldorf (Germany): 

(source: YouTube)