In 2014 Marc Wannagat, sports manager and coach from Germany, and Alan Blas, former national team coach of Peru, offered a training camp in Peru to a 17 year old talent from the province Junin (Peru). 

His name:  Ivan Santivanez. The talent convinced with great effort, his strength of will and high discipline. As reward he was invited to a first 3-month stay in Germany at the top club ESV Weil am Rhein in the south of Germany. The son of a working class family, without any competition experience and no foreign language skills exceeded all expectations. 

He improved every day on technical as well as tactical aspects and showed great engagement in studying the German language.

Meanwhile 3 more athletes are cooperating with TT-SCOUTING: the Cuban national player Yohan Mora, the actual no. 2 of Paraguay Alejandro Toranzos and the Peruvian national player Bryan Blas.

You want to do it the same way like Ivan Santivanez and want to be a part of
TT-SCOUTING like Yohan Mora, Alejandro Toranzos or Bryan Blas, please do not hesitate and contact us! We are looking forward to your message.

Surname:    Blas Arevalo

First name: Andree Bryan

birth date:   23 May 1989

Nationality: Peru

Surname:    Santivanez Portocarrero

First name: Ivan Felipe

birth date:   27 September 1995

Nationality: Peru

Surname:    Mora Sanchez

First name: Yohan Reynol

birth date:   16 July 1987

Nationality: Cuba

Surname:    Toranzos Molinas

First name: Dario Alejandro

birth date:   13 September 1996

Nationality: Paraguay