TT-Scouting Training centers 

As it is the aim of TT-SCOUTING to improve the infrastructure for table tennis players throughout South America. One aspect of this is by improving the training facilities in South America.

Currently the TT-SCOUTING team is in the planning and funding phase for a table tennis training academy in Lima, Peru with the help of one of our local partners in Peru. 

Additionally the team is looking for an opportunity to fund also a high class training center in Germany. Stay tuned for more information about the training centers. 

Apart of funding our own training centers, TT-SCOUTING has organized many training camps already for South American players here in Europe. Ivan Santivanez, for example raised his level of play in participating in the training camps of TT-Camps Hungary in Eger (Hungary) and TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau (Germany).

Also other players had the chance to spend 3 or more months in Europe to train at selected partner clubs. Since housing and food are provided the players can focus on everyday training and experiencing a new country. This is a valuable lesson for any person as a whole as he is facing a very different society from what he is used to.

On the other hand this has become a very rewarding experience for many European clubs that invited and hosted a South American player as the different perspective is fantastic in connecting people and sharing experiences.